:::April 30, 2014
I used SpeedSurvey for some distributor surveys that i had designed and found the survey system exceeded my expectations - it was so easy and quick to setup as well .....
R Collins

:::November 11, 2015
We are a recreation organization that sends out multiple research surveys a year for many different departments. We have used Speedsurvey for somewhere near 10 years and are completely satisfied! The surveys are simple to create and the system tallies all your info for you. The system tracks surveys year after year for easy referral and are easy to customize. There really isn't anything else you need from a survey program. Thank you Speedsurvey for a great program and unbeatable price!
J Chappell

:::November 21, 2008
Using the speedsurvey email system we could create rich content for our surveys ie we could put pictures and sounds into our survey. We had looked at several survey companies and none of them could even do the basics of what speedsurvey could do. When we used these advanced features we were able to a achieve 100% return rate for our customer service questionnaires ......
J Butler

Here's how you can create email surveys that will impress your boss and excite your customers ...

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Sarah, HelpDesk Technician

Here's a survey somebody made in just eight minutes - Help Desk Survey

In a further two minutes they sent this survey to over 230 of their customers worldwide. The whole design and collection stage for their survey was completed in just under an hour for a total cost of 19 cents per respondent.

Once the email survey had finished they simply picked up their results from SpeedSurvey's easy to use report tool - which allows you to download results into Excel for further analysis.

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    Now conduct your questionnaires with web online surveys - as they have chosen this system to power their own internal website. Our system was one of five which was chosen above all others due to its extreme ease of use.
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